To my dearest valentine,

Dear Bart,

I don’t usually write to you personally on here much…maybe because I save all my words for your travel letters now- but I thought I might just give you a little blog love this year, for valentines day.

I can’t even begin to describe how much I love you.  I’ve been reading this marriage book lately and honestly- the biggest thing I’ve learned from it is how amazing you are and what an incredibly awesome friendship we have.  You are the reason.

When I look at our marriage, it makes me love God more- because I see how perfectly He brought you and me together…I mean, He knew I’d laugh at you more than anyone on the planet and He knew I needed that.  He knew our opposite strengths and weaknesses would mesh into one ridiculously fun life and that our children would need to see two sides of the coin.

They say distance makes the heart grow fonder…and I’m pretty sure I wholeheartedly agree; I just don’t like it sometimes.  God has designed our life right now and I trust Him but having you away every other week is hard.  Although in some ways, I think it’s making me cherish you even more and the time I get to spend with you…I can’t take it for granted because it’s special and not 24/7 at the moment.

Your hugs make me melt, your kisses make me giggle…and I believe in 50 years we’ll still be dancing around like dorks in our kitchen.  I’ll still be trying to tickle you even tho you hate it and you’ll still be taking out the trash because you know my weaknesses.  I love the way you serve me, even when I don’t deserve it.

You are the leader.  You are such a good one….and a cute one!  I love your style and your quirks and your old man car…but not your wing-tipped shoes. heheh

Sometimes I still pinch myself…that I get to be your wife- out of all the women in the world- you picked me.  Thank you, for surpassing all my wildest dreams and expectations of marriage and family- you are my best time.

Happy Valentines Day honkey.

I love you a million pinches,



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