i’m a bad craigslist buyer

So, I’ve always half agreed with everyone that raves about Craigslist…about how wonderful it is and how “you can find anything on there”.  In my experience though, that is absolutely not true.  Well, I should say- you can find a lot of things but actually acquiring them is a different story.

But tonite, I figured out why.  See, I have only ever sold a couple things on craigslist and never anything over $100…so when I placed the ad for my beloved coffee table today- that we bought for $250 a year ago,  I was excited about the possibility… of cash in my pocket.

However- now I know why I never actually land items.  The trick is to offer the lowest price possible and hope that the person is desperate enough to take it.  I mean, I listed the table for $150 and the first two offers I got were for $75 (which was a blow) and $50 (which was like a slap in the face).  This kinda falls right in line with my lack of talent in the area of bartering at garage sales…I just don’t have the heart to offer a seemingly offensively low amount.

But I get it now.  Craigslist is mostly where desperate people sell stuff, so they don’t have to throw it away…just hoping to get a few bucks.  Well, this craigslister isn’t falling for that garbage.  I am holding out for no less than $120.  I did bite my tongue and delete the rude reply I typed out in my head to both the low-ballers.  I know they’re just tryin to score a deal…they are probably those people who think Craigslist is the greatest.

The funnier part of this whole story came two days later- when I got the weirdest offer from a woman who wanted to pay by check thingee and would also include the movers fee- and $50 extra if I deleted the post right away…fishy!!  So, I heeded my husband and mother’s warnings and the table is staying in the family; at least until I get another urge.

And so, I’ll keep failing at Craigslist as I sweetly email people about items who never email back…probably because they already sold said item to that guy who offered 1/4 of the cost cash.  Alas.


2 responses to “i’m a bad craigslist buyer

  1. That’s lame- I’m sorry duder! But kinda glad you’re not getting rid of that table just yet! 🙂

  2. OK…I am glad you are keeping it…and someday, you will be glad too!

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