ilove my iphone still

Lest you ever wonder whether I have lost that lovin’ feeling for my beloved iphone…think again!  A friend asked me the other day- if I was “over it” to which I  emphatically answered “heck no” without hesitation.  And yes, I am the same person who used to bash mac products often- in my ultra blinded “I’ll never follow the crowd” way…hehe…but now I’ll drink the koolaid until I die.  This February actually marks a year of iphone carrying…best year ever. heheh

Here are a few of my latest iphone app obsessions since I have definitely changed my focuses a bit…

ETSY – it’s sooo easy to browse through treasury lists and find cute stuff…handmade or supplies- such as my latest love- washi tape.

Pinterest – because I love pinning everywhere.

Instagram – for the first 9 months I had my phone, I didn’t use it…but now, I like it- I mostly like following other people.

And my two latest loves…

I just found this app! It lets you send a real postcard in the mail w/a pic...that pops out too! The app is free and it's only 99 cents to send a card...super fun!

This game rocks in real life- but playing on the app is even funner sometimes since it's so fast. This app was free when I got it... oh, and last nite bart and i discovered we could play against eachother- ha! we are nerds. yes we are.


One response to “ilove my iphone still

  1. Kris…here is a birthday idea…months early! Washi tape….whatever kinds you can find. I think you come by your obsession legitimately… Mom

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