truth not dare

I want to be this.

I loathe peeling oranges.

I order extra cream and no sugar in my coffee.

I LOVE the color gray or grey, but am never sure how to spell it.

My favorite cheesecake is Kahlua now- thanks for my sister.

My ringtone is Ice Ice Baby.

I sprinkle pepper on my cottage cheese.

I wear a Mossimo tank top almost every day.

I drool in my sleep.

I hate wool.

I like my computer mouse to be in the middle…guess my year of *only* using a laptop has changed my habits now that I use a desktop again.

The only person I’d ever allow to move into my house would be my sister.

I have a baby girl box ‘o stuff already started.

I have a ginormous urge to buy a bunch of house plants this spring…but I probably won’t bc I always kill them.

I don’t like learning new games on my own.

I am realizing I do not like surprises.

I want to collect empty frames- I have a few…

I would like to live near family.


2 responses to “truth not dare

  1. I’m feeling special- made it on the list three times!! 🙂 love you sismo Keep up the daily posts!!!

  2. I have two favorites: 1) the baby girl box of stuff, and 2) live near family. (a close #3 is Ice, Ice Baby. For real? Chuckling to myself in a quiet house right now….)

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