happy 6 months regan ocean

Ok, so the funny thing is that my personality lends itself to being pretty particular about something like a monthly picture of my kid…and while I had grand plans for Josiah’s monthly pic- it never happened, nothing, nada.  So, when Regan came along, I took it as a chance to redeem myself in this area.

Sadly though, while I have managed to get a shot each month in the same place…I picked a very ugly setting with bad natural light and failed to angle the shot the same every time.  Um, duh.  And in another life- I would have carefully selected what my child wears for said monthly pic- but alas, as you can see Regs has no style in any of these pictures…not his fault, poor kid is only allowed to wear zip up clothing.

All that being said, I gotta stand tall and be proud that I actually took a picture of my second born every month in the same spot holding a chalkboard- I mean, he may end up with a baby book filled with half the amount of pics his bro has but darn it, he gets a monthly picture montage!  It’s random but it exists.

And so…happy 6 months regan ocean- we LOVE you!


3 responses to “happy 6 months regan ocean

  1. Happy 6 months Reg!!! At least you have used your camera! Haven’t picked mine up since Christmas!!

  2. LOVE this little guy, such a cute little man! Happy 6 monthaversary Regs!

  3. Haha well we had to find somewhere to do it! 🙂 love the 6mo outfit 😉 It’s crazy how his hair has changed!

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