far from a health nut but trying for a little crunchy

so, at the moment…my first batch of homemade bread is baking…it’s the sprouted kind- ha!  i got a sourdough starter from a class i attended this weekend- so i’m going hardcore healthy now. just kidding…more like inching along…

also on my counter is my first batch of water kefir.  i have always hated the taste of any kefir i’ve tried BUT I actually was able to drink water kefir without my nose plugged and have decided that in an effort to keep my boys from getting sick- among other things…they (and I) need some stinkin probiotiocs…like A LOT of them.

i also learned how to make kombucha which is gross and how to ferment vegies, but i’m not there yet.  one step at a time.

not forgetting, i am also jumping on the “body by vi” bandwagon- starting tomorrow. i’ll let you know how it goes.  i won’t explain it until i know it works, personally.

and…i bought some mahi mahi from trader joes that i can’t wait to cook this week- that is kinda unrelated to all the health food freakishness.

I’m pretty sure sleeping thru the nite would be REALLY healthy about now…maybe there’s a class I can take Regan to…


One response to “far from a health nut but trying for a little crunchy

  1. I swear by the dairy kefir and I force feed it to my kids to stop any sickness heading our way. What is the water kefir? Does it taste ok? Let me know!!! Yes, how precious would a good night’s sleep be. I feel your pain. Hope you are great!! kim

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