my new favorites

My new favorite song that is on repeat is Running in Circles by United Pursuit.  Bart always says I’m gonna ruin the song if I play it too often; but I have a thing about new songs that I enjoy- it’s called repeat one.

My new favorite app is called Draw Something.  I started out with the free version but as it always happens; I got tired of the ads and gave in to the 99 cent real version.  It’s like pictionary with a bunch of people continuously…although, it made me want an ipad for the first time bc I watched Bart draw and its waaay easier on a bigger screen.

My new favorite thing Jos does… he wags his index finger at our dog and says “sit” or sometimes “sitch” and then a long drawn out “good girl”.  I will often hear him in the other room doing it over and over- soooo stinkin cute!

My new favorite k-cup is the Starbucks blonde roast.  I knew I would like the coffee even before I ever tasted it; bc the one thing I don’t like about starbucks is their burnt dark roasting…so this new blonde stuff rocks!  And now I can drink it with the ease of my keurig.   love.

My new favorite method of communication: postcards.  I found a website that sells one of my fav artist’s (Vol 25) art in postcard form for cheap.  It’s awesome!  Plus it doesn’t take long to fill up a postcard with writing and a little washi tape 😉

My new favorite Trader Joe’s item is their frozen diced pineapple.  It’s great for smoothies but even better as a snack…for adults and little people.  Jos loves them and it takes him longer to devour bc the fruit is frozen.

My new favorite artist, well, I’ve liked her for awhile, but lately I’ve been kinda obsessed… is Katie Daisy.  Maybe because a lot of her art is so springy and refreshing and I’m kinda in the mood for that.

My new favorite obsession…I want another baby!  Call me crazy but I’ve been bitten with the baby bug again.  Ack!

My new favorite baby shower decor- button garland.  I’d never made it before, but now that I’m starting to decorate for the baby shower this weekend, I love it!  I’ll post pics of the shower probably…I’m really enjoying only being in charge of the decorations- it’s super freeing and easy.

My new favorite kid toy- duplos.  I definitely need to hit some garage sales to grow Josiah’s collection but for now, I’m glad there are only 33 pieces to step on clean up.

My new favorite plant is a succulent.  Although, I bought 3 cute mini ones at Lowes a few weeks ago, and stuffed them all in the same little pot…pretty sure they need a little more space but they look so cute altogether.  Alas.

My new favorite thing to shop for at thrift stores is paintings.  I used to just look for empty frames (another obsession) but on my last hunt, I purchased a few frames with paintings inside and when I took one apart the other day, I realized I could reuse the canvas too- it’s like getting 2 for 1!  Big canvases can get pricey, so it’s a great way for me to get two crafts out of one purchase.  Yes, I’m a nerd.

And now for some random pictures that have nothing to do with this post.

his i'm so cool fav

his i'm so cool fav

this was as much st. patty's day celebrating as we did. they wore green shirts.

he has started eating baby food like a champ

they always say to take a few sad pics...

i just love when he crosses his feet

somewhere i have the same pic with jos...but he wasn't this happy

4 responses to “my new favorites

  1. Ohh preciousness!! Man I miss you guys!! Glad June is not too far away!! and I didn’t even know you could buy the drawsomething app– good to know!
    Love you

  2. Love this post! It’s so Krista and made me smile! Miss you! Face time soon!!!

  3. Ouch. I just stepped on a Duplo. hehe. Made me think of all my favorites…

  4. ….and thank you for the song recommendation. Repeat one in a quiet house in Lake Stevens, Washington tonight.

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