to occupy a toddler

I want to spend more time purposely playing with my toddler.  The fact is, he is a great independent kid- which I definitely wanted and trained in some ways; but it’s also his personality to observe and create and go solo.  I want him to continue being able to live life without me by his side every second, but I also know these are important years to imprint learning…

I know how easy I can foster knowledge and skills, just by providing simple activities for him.  And so, to that end, I spent a little $ and created an activities bin for Jos.  First I should say, I am no expert and there are hundreds of great blogs that share great ideas…I just literally went around my house scavenging and then stopped in a few stores to find things that caught my eye. And, I should be clear- these activities are not something we do all day or even all morning…it’s just for quick stimulating toddler time that I am hoping to do daily.

One thing I’ve learned (thru my teaching years) is that attention span is a powerful tool that can be used or abused.  Each activity will only be done for the amount of time he (or I, depending) chooses…sometimes 2 minutes, sometimes 20 minutes.  But then, the key is- putting it away!  I have found when kids have access to all their toys and stuff, they often ignore everything.  But when they are introduced to something- even when it’s old- it’s exciting and new again.  Plus it’s a great practice for “clean up” which is a much used song in our house. 🙂

I’ll try and add updates as I include other activities to the bin…but for now, here’s what I’ve started with.  Trust me: no rocket science here people.

Colored popsicle stick sorting

70 cent pom pom...oh the fun!

Plastic rings + old hook board = good coordination practice

more sorting (squishy foam squares) in a fun container 😉

he loves to put these little things into tupperware and put the lid on it. Dump out, repeat.

tip: get a dog. toddlers enjoy following it around everywhere. 🙂 great activity

next up: teaching jos how to feed his brother. 🙂 hehe

ps. when I say “sorting” it doesn’t yet mean, by color/shape… it’s just mostly means putting in and taking out…although I’m pretty sure if I took more time, he’d get “real” sorting- they are sponges people. (i am talking to myself!!)

pps. I finally put up a homemade felt board that doesn’t involve tacks a certain little boy can try to eat…I’ll show pics later.


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