baby shower prettiness

I was able to collaborate with a few people to throw a shower for awesome friends…and the best part for me was that I was only in charge of drinks and decorating my home for the event- which is really my favorite part…and thanks to my job (stay at home mom), I have time to dream up cute randomness.  I followed the mama-to-be’s nursery colors- neutral tans/creams/white and since my baby’s name and their last name is the same- I borrowed Regan’s room decor as part of the decorations.  I also asked the grandparents for baby pictures of the parents-to-be and used them all over the house.  As part of my gift, I tried to make some of the decor useable in their nursery…which was easy to do because we have a lot of the same taste in home design.

the food table

I forgot to take a picture of the table once there was food on it…but oh well.

Jos with one of his favorite people...the mama to be


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