post-its and pink polish

love post-it notes.  i just bought a pack the other day for the first time in forever and it totally reminded me of teaching school…where i was the queen of every size post-it. seriously, i always had my drawers stocked bc i went thru them like water.

we ventured to the zoo last week for a little adventure…um, not impressed.  perhaps we just pushed the envelope a bit much- and in retrospect, I think Jos was sick (he had a fever when we returned) so he was about as excited about the 5 animals he could actually see thru the fences as um…a teenager who just got woken up.

i got three cards for mothers day. rockin.  i can’t wait until we have ten kiddos…bart’s hand is gonna hurt from all that writing 🙂 jk.

i bought pink nail polish over the weekend…first time i’ve purchased polish in probably ten years.

several months ago i cleaned out so much junk from every closet and drawer and at least 10 bags of stuff collected in the basement before they all got taken to “spring clean up” day a few weeks ago.  yesterday a friend of mine told me that our town is having a city-side garage sale weekend and wondered if i wanted to join efforts…i wasn’t up for it yesterday but today i have managed to fill my entire dining room table with loads of stuff to sell.  another round of purging this week…feels so good.

i have an eye dr apt on friday and i kinda want to order new glasses- you know, the really big kind…reminiscent of my dad’s 1992 pair.  we’ll see.

it would be weird to sell eyeshadow at a garage sale, right? what about swimsuits?

ok. enough.  i have things to do.


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