random tuesday-isms

yesterday i heard josi saying “eyes” over and over and looked over to find him poking his little brother’s eyes over and over…while i did hand out the praise that i was planning to ( i never realized i’d have a helper to teach the rest of the kiddos)- i also tempered it with a little instruction on poking people’s eyes…even when they don’t care bc they are in such awe of their big brother

i am continually aware of what the future holds in terms of cooking and grocery shopping…it kinda scares me… since my two year old could eat every hour of the day if i let him.  dreaming of a deep freezer and a much larger food budget 😉

the resident 9 month old is now getting around…i wouldn’t call it crawling yet but he can get where he wants to for the most part.  thankfully he loves his bro so much, i think he’ll just follow him everywhere once he can really move

the garage sale we had was a success i guess…i say i guess only because we didn’t have as many customers as i would have liked- but i made a nice chunk of change and got rid of almost everything i put out there (granted most of it went in a carload to goodwill) but at least it didn’t return to its place in my house

my sister’s birthday is coming up very soon and sadly all she wants is cash- which i should be thankful for since i am not always the best at picking out gifts for her but still..cash is so boring, especially when its not going to a plane ticket to come visit me:) hehe

sugar detoxes and paleo are my latest craze…i’ll keep ya posted- don’t worry mom, nothing will be 100 % for me- and i still want chocolate cupcakes at josi’s bday party

i am starting a potty training book and have decided that when i finish it, i have to start really doing it- for jos of course, i’m already trained 🙂  really i just think toddler underwear is so cute-  okay and i hate changing diapers

discovering almond butter may have made upped my quality of life by dozens of percentages- for realsies

introduced josiah to play-doh this week and he really had to use all his self-control to not eat it;  he really really wanted to…  also instead of blowing the bubbles from the wand, he wanted to lick the wand- oh well…i suppose he could learn the hard way, maybe next time

i have a really long to-do list that keeps getting bumped to the next week so maybe i should look at it and stop rambling buuut downloading pics is on the list so i’ll leave you with a few random shots…

he was so proud of himself for sitting in dad’s spot with dad’s bag of pretzels watching tv- he did it all by himself. hilarious

he likes to go all over…

kisses for regan

what he was supposed to do…

what he really wanted to do…

showing off his 4 teeth- two little bottom ones and two ginormous top ones…oh yes, and drool…always.

spring evening fun on the deck

ps. mom- i will send you May’s shutterfly pics in a few days…to be included will be a re-enactment of Hannah and Josi fingerpainting adventure “one year later”…that’s tomorrow!


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