regan’s rite of passage

It was time.  We* lowered his crib mattress tonite…to the lowest level.  No one in their right mind would actually use the “three” different heights once they have seen how difficult it is to lower a crib mattress..or change the sheets or… I digress.

This is a big milestone in a baby’s life.  It’s like a right of passage that means they’ve acquired the necessary skills to rise above…the crib’s edge- and therefore inducing somewhat strong heart palpitations in a parent’s heart as said mom walks in just in time.

It’s somewhat appropriate that Regan has also pushed a 5th tooth through his little gums and hits the 9 month mark this weekend.  He is moving much more easily and while the full-on crawl/scoot has not shown itself yet, I am guessing it will only be a matter of weeks.  Josiah is under strict instruction not to crawl anywhere near him lest Regan get any ideas.  Jk.

This week I was made keenly aware of the fleeting baby months as I got to hold a  friend’s sweet 2 month-old baby boy and sat near a 4 day-old newborn- its true- Regan is growing up.  It seems like we are out of the infant stage…but what is this next part called?  Our little “loud-mouth-bass”, as we affectionately named our second born due to his uncanny ability to produce decibels far above normal ranges, is an adorable smiley curious little boy now.

I love him.  It’s really true- there’s enough love in a mama’s heart for more than one.  I’m so glad.  Now…where is #3?

*and by “we” I mean Bart – thanks honey


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