happy birthday my dearest josiah

one year ago…june 2011

You became a bro!! August 2011


discovered a love for leaves…nov 2011

christmas…first time in a tie

january 2012

snow in february

your hair is all gone…april…

cutest smile in the world…may 2012

Happy Birthday Josiah Henry!  It’s been such an amazing year with you…I seriously cannot believe that you are TWO today.  You have changed my life forever little buddy and I am sooo thankful to Jesus for you.

You are such a joyful fun-loving cuddly little boy and I seriously enjoy having you as my son.  You make me laugh so hard and your cozy snuggles melt me.  The way you dance like no kid I’ve ever seen and open your eyes in a joking surprise…gosh dude, you’re so unique and awesome.  Hearing you say “mommy” makes me happy but hearing you say “Jesus” excites me even more.  God has given you such a sweet tender spirit and I can’t wait to watch you grow in this next year.

This year you became a brother.  I have never seen such tenderness…you love Regan so well.  You have learned this role perfectly.  Regs looks up to you and I am so glad he has you for a brother.  You are a loving leader already and it’s fun to watch you kiss and hug your baby bro- it makes me excited to see you with more little brothers and sisters.

Hoping you have a wonderfully fantabulous birthday…we’ll do some fun things today but your real party is at Grandma and Grandpa’s house when we fly there in a few weeks.  Yeah baby!!!

I love you Joser- more than I ever thought I could.

Love, mommy

3 responses to “happy birthday my dearest josiah

  1. Krista, you are such a rad mommy!! I always knew you’d be fantastic at this job but I love watching you love your kiddos and all that you teach them. You and Bart are totally blessed to have such cute munchkins and I know Josiah and Regan will feel blessed too when they see all that you two have done for them!! YOU ROCK DUDER!! Love ya tons – xo

  2. I can’t believe he is 2! So doggone adorable too!! enjoy this wonderful birthday!

  3. I’m crying, lol. I love that you are a Mom Krista! I love hearing and seeing (through your words and pictures) your heart for you sons (and family). Love you and praying for your family!!!

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