happy day after your birthday

Ok.  So, yes, my son is two and doesn’t really understand why yesterday was a very special day and why we didn’t stop asking him how old he was…to which he dutifully answered ‘two’ as if that’s always what he’s been.

But it occurred to me- I might begin to love my kid’s birthdays more than mine.  Shock, gasp…I know.  You see, even though Jos didn’t even really get it this time around- I was psyched.  I made big fat blueberry muffins for his breakfast (i never cook him breakfast, ever) and we walked into his room in the morning recording his expression as we sang a rousing rendition of the Happy Birthday song.

After daddy left for work, I dropped Regan off to take his nap at a friend’s house and took Josiah on a little birthday adventure that ended up not including that many stops because he was so enthralled with Barnes and Noble we stayed there for over an hour.  The kid knew just what to do.  He sat right down on the floor with a stack of books and we read…he interjected many dog barks and “good girls” as we went along.  Then he found the train table and pushed trains through one small tunnel about a hundred times- ignoring the rest of the table.  But when his eyes spotted the stuffed animals, out came the kisses.  I am pretty sure he picked up every single dog and gave it kisses and cuddles before settling on two favorites (one being Pokie the Puppy which we brought home).  He carried his two prized puppies over to the stage and danced around…free as a bird…and then proceeded to walk around the entire kid section barking at dogs on book covers.  Very entertaining.  I should have recorded it.

I did include an errand in our outing- I know, bad mom move…but hey, there was a park on the way to my eye doctor’s so we played for a few minutes even though every slide was blazing hot and he would yelp “ouch, hot” as he slid down.  Thankfully while I got my glasses fitted he got to play in the toy pit and because it was his birthday I sat outside of it for a few minutes extra.  And after we picked up Regan we stopped to get french fries…an extra special treat that Jos loves and very rarely gets.

And on top of that I let him play outside well into his normal nap time- just because it was his birthday.  I am the queen of making everything “because it’s your birthday” for myself, and am realizing it will carry onto my children most definitely.  Sure, you can skip school son- it’s your birthday, sure you can eat junk- it’s your birthday…sure you can stay up as late as you want…it’s your birthday… thankfully I have a husband with a voice of reason.

The birthday boy did end up taking a 4 hour nap and not waking up until 7pm- oops.  So, we shared a bowl of popcorn and watched Clifford together…practiced how old he was a few more hundred times and then face-timed with auntie erica.  I had big plans to do a handprint painting and take his picture near my birthday chalkboard creation but figured, hey- it’s cool if we just make this a “birthday week” instead and not pack every little activity into one short fleeting day.  Plus his big Clifford birthday party isn’t for another 2 weeks…when we fly to WA for vacation- so I could just draw this birthday fun out for two weeks.  Hmmm…

Well, gotta run- it’s time for birthday handprints and one birthday skittle.  (He had one birthday skittle yesterday and it literally took him 5 minutes to finish.  Hilarious.)  I have to make up for saying no to the backyard swing this morning once I saw it got bird-pooped on.  Gross.


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