in the blink of an eye

Back before kiddos, I always smiled and nodded as moms lamented about how vacations with small children weren’t exactly vacations anymore…that it took more work than anything.  And in my head I rationalized that it must still be lots of fun so it can’t be that bad.

Now, I kinda ride the fence on this one.  I am guessing no two vacations will ever look alike- as the boys grow and we add more to the mix…and I can always see so much happiness in our travels.  But yes, it’s a lot of work.  And I despise being perpetually tired…a product of long travel hours and sleepless nights with kids who don’t sleep the same as in their own beds.

We just returned from a trip to Washington state- to see my family.  I love the beauty that surrounds my hometown and love being with my relatives.  I really enjoy watching them interact with my sons and form relationships.  My parents are the only grandparents the boys will ever know- so it’s always an extra special time.

But it’s funny how parenting can change in the blink of an eye.  Before our trip, I was getting used to some routines…sleeping thru the nite, lots of outdoor playing, oatmeal for breakfast, etc…  But now, a week later- Regan is full-on crawling and pulling up on everything so gone are the moments I can steal away onto the computer while he lays there unmoving…and with 100 degree days, the outside playing has shrunk drastically.  Jos now detests oatmeal and Regs wakes up at 4am.

I find myself adjusting and wiggling around to find a new normal.  I leave the baby in his highchair for a few minutes extra to unload the dishwasher and moved the sandbox in sight so I can send the toddler out to play on his own for a few minutes.  I adjust my schedule to provide crawling and training times for the little guy and am thinking up new activities for the older one.  And this morning I realized- it’s always gonna be this way.  It’s always going to be changing.

The funny thing is- I’ve always loved change.  I long for it in so many areas of my life- so why shouldn’t I embrace it in this one?  Sure, it has its own challenges and I am forever learning how to be a mom… but it’s exciting and fun and sure, mundane too.

I’m thankful for trips and I’m thankful for home.  And plus, some things don’t change.  My son just asked for “Ice Ice Baby” to play for the millionth time and is now rockin’ his sick dance moves while Regan laughs hysterically at the dog.

Good times.

Here’s a few vaca photos…to hold my mom over while i finish editing 🙂


2 responses to “in the blink of an eye

  1. Gorgeous pictures! WOW, what a beautiful place to be, too!!

  2. “crawling and training times”….those two things always go together, don’t they? 😉 Thank you for the encouragement today. I’m going through very purposeful “walking and training times.” 🙂

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