some favorites…

I couldn’t resist posting a few more pics of vacation…which don’t include Josiah’s big 2nd birthday party which will get its very own post in a few days.  These are some of the ones that made me chuckle.

on a little walk in the woods my dad put regan above many logs and around trees…trying to get the “i’m doing this all by myself” photo…i think this picture shows how he truly felt.

Jos decided that laying down on the rocks would give him a better view…

…and of course, the rocks needed kisses.

Jos is skilled in the art of begging…

we finally found an animal he didn’t like…at all…crabs.

Someone’s intrigued with grandpa

it’s a rare occurance for regan to fall asleep on anyone these days… but daddy has the touch

someone’s tired…

The real baby Regan is meeting “baby regan”, my nephews baby doll…a little weirded out.


One response to “some favorites…

  1. I love the PA pictures. ❤ So sweet. Thank you for sharing.

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