different snuggles

When Josiah is sick, I get more than enough snuggle time with this special 2 year old.  If he could lay on someone all day I think he would.  But he has always been a cuddle muffin…always willing to curl up in the crook of our arm or lay on our lap…and yes I have visions of when he’s taller than me in 3rd grade, still wanting to snuggle.  A girl can dream right?

Regan, on the other hand, rarely relaxes enough to let his body lean into anyone. The closest to snuggles we usually get with him is when he’s sitting beside us and leans in a little…which is so funny because as a baby he wanted to be held continually- even through the night at times.  But I’ve discovered a new way to get my cuddles in.  In the morning I usually turn on Praise Baby and he’s so riveted that I can pull him close and if I don’t obstruct his view he’ll stay there.  It’s delightful, delicious…and satisfies my craving and his imaginary one.

I love how different my boys are.


One response to “different snuggles

  1. Israel STILL loves to cuddle! And Aubrey I can’t pin down! He goes into third grade this fall. He also took a two hour nap yesterday. And Aubrey hasn’t taken a nap since she crawled out of her crib at 13 months. Go figure.

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