i do love my country

I bet you think this post will be a recap of our fabulous fourth of July festivities…with pictures of my boys looking oh-so-patriotic in their coordinating but not matching red/white/blue attire.  So sorry.  I am not even ashamed to admit that they both wore their pajamas all day long and the only time we left the house was when Bart and I hired our family friend who’s staying with us, to babysit…so we could make a grocery run to Trader Joes.

Yep- big celebrating here at the Farrell home.  Felt pretty independent to stroll the aisles of the beloved TJs sans kiddos…yes it did.  And it seemed very patriotic watching fireworks on tv after the boys went to bed- in all actuality, we did have “surround sound” and by that I don’t mean the cool technical kind…but the “firecrackers going off right outside our house” kind.

Oh and we got Chic-fil-a…very american.  Don’t get me wrong- I love fireworks.  I love America.  And one day in the future after all our babies are a little older; we’ll rock the pop-its in the driveway and wait for candy to be thrown alongside cheesy parades!  We’ll all write our names in the air with sparklers and eat cool desserts made of strawberries and blueberries in the shape of a flag…oh yes, we’ll do it all.

But for now, I’m content to let my babies sleep soundly starting at 7pm- bf it even gets dark in July.  They don’t know what they’re missing…and it’s funny because I know what I’m missing and am still completely okay with it.

So be on the watch for a patriotic farrell family photo…in 2018 or so.


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