sights and sounds of the home front

I am currently listening to Josiah try and teach our dog to say “sorry” as she just kind of barrelled into him…he stands there with his finger wagging and very expectant eyes, waiting for his apology from his beloved canine friend.  I don’t think I’ll tell him she won’t ever say sorry; I’d rather hear him continue his efforts every time she gets in his face.

My other background noise is Regan.  I think he could record his own baby noisemaker and become a millionaire.  The sounds that come out of him are so vast and often so loud that I will admit, I wish there was a mute button.  Not all the time of course- because I love his laughter and his less shrieky talking…but there are times when the decibels reach beyond human enjoyment- that’s where the off button would come in handy.

He is currently sitting in his highchair where he recently finished a huge accomplishment- or so I thought.  Up until now (almost 11 months) he has refused to pick up any food and feed himself.  He didn’t even like the texture of anything but smooth pureed goodness in his mouth.  But since Bart had told me that our baby officially picked up a yogurt bite and successfully placed it in his own mouth the other day, I figured I’d try it too.  I put a handful of puffs on Regan’s tray and let him go to town.  A few minutes later I noticed they were all gone!  I cheered and clapped and danced around (ok, i didn’t dance) and then gave him a few more.  When he “finished” those, I grabbed a cloth to wipe his hands clean only to reveal where almost all of the little puffs had gathered…into his little fists.  What a little trickster.  Pretty sure he didn’t mean to do that though…

Anyway, in other news- I just ordered 6 swimsuits online, in the hopes of finding ONE that works.  Don’t worry, all were from free shipping/free returns websites. But I did have to send my husband an alert, fair warning about the rather large charges on our card…hoping he sees the email before he sees our bank statement.

cannot wait for the Olympics.  Since we only have bunny ears, it’ll be nice to actually have something we look forward to on tv.  Speaking of looking forward…Regan is turning one year-old in one month.  I cannot believe it.  For awhile I wasn’t very excited about throwing a little party for him, but I found a theme so now it’s go time.  I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but lets just say I ordered something that I plan on turning into a poncho for the little man.  hehe

Hmm in other news…I am on week FOUR of INSANITY, the workout from heaven.  Bart is doing it too but had to take a sickness break.  We’ve never worked out together and I was wondering how it would be.  Much to my surprise it was SO FUN to work out with him!  Who knew huffing and puffing and high-fiving would be so much more energizing with your husband?  Needless to say I am looking forward to his return so we can do more suicide drills together.

I can’t think of a way to wrap this post up, so I’ll just mention my need for W-d-40.  Regan has now transitioned from the highchair to the jumperoo and it is badly in need of some lubrication.  I’m gonna go hunting…before I go crazy from the squeaking.


One response to “sights and sounds of the home front

  1. DId you try a swimsuit from LandsEnd, seriously those are the best! And “the workout from heaven?” That’s a pretty serious statement… it’s that good?!
    Love to you all, even klepto Regs and pushy Brinks 😉

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