a jumbled mess

It’s funny how many times I’ll talk myself into the $3 shampoo and conditioner, only to hate the feel and look of my hair for the entirety of time it takes me to go through the bottles.  So, after many months- perhaps even a year or two of cheap hair products…I happened upon Beauty Brands liter sale…and now am the proud owner of a liter each of awesome shampoo and conditioner, complete with hand pumps.  I’m very excited!

Same goes for chip clips.  Have you ever bought the walmart mixed bag of 20 different clips before?  Don’t.  It took me literally my entire adult life up until now to break down and buy a chip clip…and a few months ago when I did; I thought I was saving so much $ by purchasing the deal of a lifetime. Ha!   Don’t be fooled.  I think I’ve used exactly one of the clips so far and hate it.  I pass the kitchen products at Target almost every week and look longingly at the $10 bag clips…but I can’t bring myself to take the plunge yet.  Perhaps I’ve spent so much of my life without bag clips that I’m just fine with stale pretzels now.  Hm.

In other randomness…almost every morning these days I reach for my New Jersey mug to drink my coffee in- as if that will make us get there sooner.  Pretty sure that’s not how it works, but I’ll live in my own little world a bit longer.

Last nite Bart found Josiah feeding the dog leftover tilapia from a container on the counter…one handful at a time.  We’re pretty sure he was helping himself as well, but can’t be sure.

I love watching the olympics but not exactly impressed with the choice of coverage over the weekend…volleyball much?  Gymnastics is where my heart is- and brings me back to my mary lou retton days of 1984- pretty much probably the only year I spent tumbling on gymnastics equipment, I think?  Mom?

It’s almost my dad’s birthday.  It snuck up on me this year.  Good thing the mail-lady didn’t come early today.

I’m gonna go edit some pictures.

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