i am not an olympian

Missy Franklin is my favorite.  And Gabby Douglas is my other favorite.  And Bolt is pretty cool too.  And the medal ceremonies are tear jerkers…sometimes I pretend to feel what it would be like if one of the winners was a kiddo of mine- then the tears really start rolling.  Then I just watch the sprinters in slow motion and get myself laughing at the hilarious facial movements…it all balances out.

The Olympics have always been a sweet break from reality for me.  It does seem so weird that these athletes, complete strangers; transform into favorites before my eyes.  I still remember the names of my childhood medalists…Mary Lou Retton was the first summer one I remember and Nancy Kerrigan was my winter hero.

We never owned a tv growing up, so it was always a big deal when the Olympics came around because my grandma would tape them nightly and we’d watch the events we wanted days later…on the old school VHS if you can believe it.  Perhaps that is why I don’t really care that most events aren’t aired live on tv- it’s what I’m used to.

Josiah has already began his career as an Olympics watcher…and imitator.  The other nite he tried diving while on the ground- and discovered it didn’t have the same effect- although it did produce very loud cheering from his mom.  That was good enough for him.

Bart and I were talking about childhood dreams the other day and I realized I’ve never wanted to be an Olympian.  I guess some things never change.


2 responses to “i am not an olympian

  1. I am ridiculous. I tape every Olympic event on two channels on my DVR and spend the whole day watching it. And then I watch highlights on my iPad while I’m fast forwarding through the taped stuff. And I have a book that tells me about each sport and who is favored to win each event. And it’s been like this since it started!

    What always makes me cry is when the athletes hug their parents. Or their significant others. Or their kids. I think about how proud they must be and lose it!

    Missy is my favorite. How can you not love a girl who is crazy talented as an athlete and lip dub producer?!?!

  2. Remember the year dad brought the tiny tiny tv home for the Olympics and we watched them on mom and dad’s bed?!? For some reason that always pops up when I think about the Olympics!

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