josiah henry

I stopped writing letters to my boys here on the blog awhile back because I stole a grand idea from my friend and created email addresses for both the kiddos.  So, I send my letters there instead.

But I thought it might be fun to record a few highlights of who Josi is these days…well, mostly what he does- he’s quirky and we love it.

A few weeks ago he started taking off his shirt during nap times- kinda gave me a glimpse of the teenage josiah I think.  But I think he really just enjoys the feeling of no shirt so I haven’t stopped him yet.  The problem is he takes both arms out of their sleeves and then pulls the whole shirt down to his waist which inevitably stretches out the collar significantly.  I’m guessing poor Regan will have very stretched out shirts in a year, alas.

He talks a lot.  My favorite word he says is “fawfee” = coffee.  But my favorite combo of words we heard the other day was “amen poopy”.  I kid you not- Bart heard it too.  When he’s hungry he says “a-fuit” (food) in this tiny high pitched voice…and if he wants a drink he slurps loudly- no words included.  Sometimes he opens his arms up wide and comes towards me saying “huggies?”.  Melt.

He still loves watching Clifford and always sits in the same chair and asks for a blanket if there isn’t one next to him.  Today he kept saying “up, up, up” until I realized he was inviting the dog to sit with him…so cute, but sadly she didn’t fit.

He loves getting Regan up from naps- and always asks to climb into his crib…pretty sure it’s just so he can try out the mattress hops.  He jumps and jumps and falls down, pretending to sleep.  Speaking of pretending- he says “nigh, nigh” all the time, while laying down anywhere…and then since Grandma taught him to snore he often snorts loudly.  Once I found him under the kitchen mat by the dishwasher fake sleeping- so gross since who knows how dirty the underside of that rug is.

Jos loves dance parties and is still our snuggle bug.  He still sucks his three middle fingers and plays with his belly button often.  He loves books and cars and his stuffed doggies.  Every night when we put him to sleep he lists off all his animals to make sure they are present.  “Heeppo? Elfant? Good girrrl? Roar? Sheepie?”

As the most amazing big brother…he is super patient with crazy Regan.  He’s never returned the endless swats he gets from his little bro- he always offers hugs and kisses to his baby…and gets a sad compassionate face whenever he hears Regan cry.  “Baby sad…”

I’m pretty proud of my little toddler’s eating skills.  The other day I fed him leftover tilapia, green beans, pasta and fruit…and he ate it all.  I’d like to think all those random combos I fed him as a baby paid off but I’m pretty sure he’s just a good eater.  He has his first homemade chocolate chip cookie a few weeks ago and his eyes widened so much I laughed.  He also asks if every food is hot…which is probably my fault for giving him less than cooled things to eat pretty regularly- just building a pain tolerance I suppose. 🙂

And I laugh at him a lot.  Bart and I were saying the other day that he better have great self esteem since I think everything he does is funny.  He is a seriously hilarious kid…especially his expressions.  Someday I will capture them all on camera but for now here’s a few other shots.

his almost mad face

his “ohhhh baby” choke hold

if you ask him who is bff is he always answers “Hannah”!

his first homemade cookie

he loooooves drumming

he’s very kind and compassionate…haha

random expression…

cheese face


One response to “josiah henry

  1. Oh, Josiah. You’re so endearing. Melts my heart. Keep stretching those collars out…and doing the choke hold. Cracks me up.

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