*it’s called a fedora

i finally made a quinoa that my husband didn’t hate…probably bc it had more ingredients than an average main dish- asparagus, sun-dried tomatoes, kalamata olives and feta…plus olive oil, garlic and onion powder and a little sweetener.  Fun experiment.

i’ve been trying to clean out our pantry- as our friends call it- “the pantry challenge” so sometimes i’ve been serving very random meals.  right now i have tuna, coconut butter, tomato sauce and rice left…got a recipe for me?

i have been enjoying finding my sons playing together… tickling each other or sitting by one another with legos…or staring out the same window.  it’s pretty dang adorable.

bart only had to travel to st. louis for 2 days this week- bliss!  I think I’m gonna take advantage of the sick kiddies and put us all to bed early tonite.

this weekend we are having a sleepover with our favorite friends here- yep! We’re adults with kids excited for a sleepover.  The last time bart and I did this was during a Nj winter storm in 2004ish…good times.

i just discovered that the shoes i bought a few weeks ago went UP in price by $30.     I love when that happens- like, I bought them before they became massively popular enough to increase the $.

i just learned the name of a new profession- “mudjacker”.  cool right?  kinda reminds me of tracker jackers from the hunger games.  heheh.

just so you know- i am working on some old-school fashion posts so get ready for some head shaking awesomeness.

*totally random title: josiah is watching veggie tales as I write this and when I put my cursor in the title box that’s what I heard from the movie.


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