fill in the blank friday again

1.  If I could get a world record I’d like it to be for something quirky- like the most laffy taffy’s ever eaten or best laugher…

2.  If I was stranded on a deserted island I’d take Barty since he’s the best entertainment ever.  And I guess I’d like water and coffee and some matches.
3.  Other people’s driving skills are my most irrational fear.
4.  I’d rather change double the amount of diapers everyday, than have to wake up for baby feedings in the middle of the night.
5.  I am excited about my future…specifically the next few months.
6.  I should really be in bed, or at least off the computer since my husband says it is what keeps me from falling asleep quickly.  
7.  One of my favorite things in all the world is the feeling of sand between my toes while I hear the ocean roar…iced coffee in hand and my little family by my side.
*HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of my favoritist people, Eliza Joy!!! Hope you enjoy your birthday adventure today… celebrating birthdays together is one of the million things I’m gonna miss doing with you. 🙂

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