no more letters

I have written letters for Bart to open every day that he is traveling for the last 22 months.  He has traveled 4 days every other week since January 2011.  If you’re counting- that’s somewhere in the ballpark of eight or twelve a month…so, well over 200 love notes.

It started because back when we were dating, I sent him with letters to read daily on a trip and he loved it.  So, last year when he started traveling to the East Coast every other week I thought it would be fun to keep the tradition alive.  I thought it would also help alleviate the fact that I hate talking on the phone…thus, he could feel close to me even at so far a distance.

I also used this as a “clean out your craft closet of cards” time…and I’m pretty sure over the last two years I only bought 4 cards.  Some were home-made, some were super old blank ones (like from college days)…and albeit some were random  like “happy graduation” or “happy hannukah”…he got lots of christmas cards in months nowhere near the holiday season and I ripped out a lot of magazine pages for envelopes or letter writing.

This last January, when I realized he would still be traveling through at least a good portion of this year, I decided to make an arsenal of cards that I could have on hand to grab.  Then throughout the two weeks I’d easily search out 4 to write on and then set on his dresser the night he packed.  In July I noticed my stash getting pretty small…but I kept going.  And then, last week- after finding out the news that Bart only had to travel one more time…I looked into my stash and saw four cards left- the exact amount I needed.

I don’t write all this to say- wow, I’m such a great wife or soo creative, blah blah… I’m actually memorializing this because it says a lot about my God.  Never once was it a burden for me to write love notes to my husband- the first miracle.  Never once did I forget to make his letters- the second miracle.  And at the start of that second year of traveling that seemed like our most awful fate- He showed me exactly how many months it would be til the end- the third miracle.

All I can say is He is Faithful.  And this season is over.  *enter huge sigh of relief*

*Don’t worry Barty, this doesn’t mean you’ll never get letters from me again…it just won’t be in this kind of magnitude.  


One response to “no more letters

  1. That is so awesome!! Yeah God!!

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