the last time i moved to jersey

In 2005 I moved from California to New Jersey (well- to be technical, we left from Washington).  My dear friend and panama roomie Triki (or Patricia to most) offered to drive across the US with me…so we mapped out our plan and decided to make it a four day trip.

Before we left, I took Triki across the ferry from my hometown to Victoria, BC for a day of fun.  Here’s us…with a random guard.

Then the adventure began…and let me just say- I am NOT a fan of roadtrips.  We tried taking a picture of every state sign and Triki was the best travel mate but it doesn’t matter- I just don’t think driving for long periods of time is fun.  By the time we got to Chicago I had decided we were just going to drive straight to Jersey even if it took 24 hours.  We stopped at cool stuff like Mount Rushmore but I thought I’d just share a couple of random pics at stops in Iowa, Minnesota and Chicago…the spam museum is free- everyone should go!

Then when we arrived at our destination…Ocean Grove, New Jersey…I realized my very large moving truck (from Upack ABF), as in literally a huge trailer…might not even fit on my tiny beach street.  When it showed up the driver had to dodge power lines and many cars…barely fitting into the spots I’d been saving for days.  It was almost comical how many neighbors  came out to watch the fiasco.  Once they realized it would be sitting on their street for a few days they weren’t too happy but all’s well that ends well.

In an effort to make this as random as possible…I’ll show you my first purchase with my new roomie Jill.  We were so proud of them back then.

Ugh.  And I’ll end with a random picture of me “pretend fishing” because everyone should know I hate baiting hooks.

Gosh.  My life has changed a lot in the last 7 years.  Let’s just say I am not planning on hugging random statues when we move this time…but maybe I’ll make Josi do it.  And if Brinks can last in the car for a few minutes alone I may beg to stop at the Spam museum.  But I will not be purchasing crocs when I arrive.  I promise.


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