So…it feels like yesterday that I was lamenting about not having showings since last Wednesday- oh wait, it was yesterday- jk, it was Monday…even emailed my mom to request more prayers, even though in my mind I didn’t really want to show the house more; I was tired; we were all tired.

Our house went on the market two weeks ago Wednesday and we had showings almost every day for a week, sometimes twice a day, but then all was quiet.   I think God knew the buyers had walked through…and He knew my heart couldn’t take much more, at least that’s my philosophy.  Because Monday morning we received an offer and after one counter- they accepted…for waaay more than we ever thought we’d walk away with.

Possibly my most favorite part of this whole story thus far is that the buyers were hoping to move in early- foregoing the usual 30 day closing period…in fact, they wanted it narrowed down to just two weeks and guess what date they had chosen?

October 15.  The same day we had chosen for our move when we had looked at the calendar and prayed a few months back…before we ever knew when we’d get the green light from Bart’s company to move.  I just love Jesus.

So this morning, as I sit in a really cold house that isn’t ours anymore I am sooo thankful.  Even though Bart just left for the east coast it’s okay because it’s the last work trip…and my sister is here to keep me sane.  Pray for him- he is finding us a place to live- kinda important since we leave on Friday.

We’re leaving on Friday- OMG.


2 responses to “sold.

  1. God is so good!!!! We are gonna miss you!

  2. Where are you guys moving to???

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