first sunRISE over the ocean.

I’ve seen about a million sunSETS over the ocean…growing up on the west coast helped me out in that department.  My childhood living room windows looked out over the water- so I could literally watch a sunset every evening.  Then when I spent my summers on the Oregon coast, I caught my fair share of gorgeous sunsets- and even saw the infamous “green” glow that shows up for a brief second as the sun disappears “below”.

But until I was 25 I had never seen a sunRISE over the ocean.  I know the sunsets and sunrises can be beautiful anywhere…to me, there is something special about experiencing them at the beach.  I remember one of the first weeks after I’d moved to New Jersey, I set my alarm for 5:30am and woke up to the beeping the following morning not thrilled.  But then I remembered…and threw a sweatshirt on, made coffee and grabbed my journal.

It was cold and quiet with a slight breeze coming off the water.  I sat on one of the benches on the pier a block from my house and waited in anticipation to see my first sunrise over the ocean.  I recall it took a lot longer than I thought it would, and once the sun appeared, it was so bright I couldn’t look at it.  But it was beautiful and glorious; welcoming the sun for the day…sitting there on the ocean all alone.

I am definitely looking forward to seeing many more sunrises over the ocean…and I probably won’t even have to set my alarm since I have a built-in one called Regan. 🙂


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