rose colored glasses land

Here I am…one week later.  I just realized as I sat down and looked at my blog that I hadn’t posted anything this entire week- but just so you know, we did make it.  We woke up on Monday morning and headed east…and three hours later we ended up at the Jersey shore.

Let me just paint you a picture though, of where I am at this very moment.  I am sitting outside on our porch, looking out over a clear night sky.  It’s a perfect 61 degrees and I can actually hear waves crashing lightly even though it’s so dark out I can’t see the ocean.  I am using the same laptop I totally dogged last week but now love because it gives me the mobile freedom to play on the internet while sitting on my porch facing the ocean.  I cannot really fathom that I’m actually here.

It was definitely a week of ups and downs.  Monday I saw the house- just a recap- Bart picked it out without me ever seeing it…and he was a tad nervous when we walked in the door.  But I was in love from the moment I saw the big bannister staircase and the built in foyer bench…I could go on and on but I’ll save that for a house post and include pictures.  We immediately started pulling things off walls and rearranging furniture and one of my favorite people in the world- Jilly- brought us take out from one of our favorite restaurants…a perfect first night.

I don’t remember much about the rest of the week except for snapshots- so I’m gonna start bullet points from here on out if that’s okay.

We took the boys to the beach on Tuesday and I wish I had videoed it…but Josiah was hilarious walking in the sand.  It was like he thought he was about to fall over…but he finally got the hang of it.  There is also a park on the beach that both boys loved…it’s gonna be a great winter.

Every chance I get I sneak out to the porch and sit in my favorite corner seat.  Sometimes I bring a little boy to snuggle…or a dog… or just my phone-  but it’s amazing how much time I’ve spent outside already.

I got to venture out to Wegmans by myself for our first grocery run…and oh how I’ve missed that store.  It’s quite simply the most beautiful grocery store I’ve ever seen…and it’s such an experience shopping there.  I know… you all are probably rolling your eyes- I’m just kinda in a la la rose-colored-glasses land at the moment, bear with me.

Wednesday the movers came.  Much to our dismay there was really only one unpacker.  On the kc end there were many guys moving and loading…but here it was literally the driver and his sidekick and then one muscle man.  It took a lot longer than I thought and since our rooms didn’t line up the same in both houses, I was requested to man a station at the doorway and direct where every box went.  At first it was fun- heck, I like being bossy…but then it got old.  We did fit everything in though; thankfully.  It’s been a feat trying to rearrange stuff into this already furnished winter rental, but it’s soooo worth it.

I really shouldn’t say a bad word about unpacking because gosh- I didn’t even have to pack but it did take a few days to go through all the boxes.  Among all the upsides I’ve mentioned about a company move…one of the bummers is spending the time unraveling twelve pieces of paper wrapped around one drinking glass and realizing you own at least eleven more.  But like I said, I have no room to complain.  Compared to other moves this has been a breeze.

The boys have adjusted amazingly.  Although I guess I don’t know what they are supposed to be like…but it seems that they have taken this whole “we live at the beach” idea and ran with it.  Today we all took a walk down the boardwalk a few miles…even Brinks…and I’m pretty sure Jos said hi to every single birdie.  Each of their bedrooms look like a bomb went off- but are organized nonetheless.  Regan has two beds and a couch propped up in one corner, along with an extra dresser, big chair and then his changing table and crib.  It’s funny looking but it works.

Stairs.  I forgot what they were like.  For the last five years I’ve lived in places without regularly used stairs.  I find myself doing a personal inventory every time I’m about to travel up or down the stairs to make absolute sure I will not have to return anytime soon.  But the jacuzzi tub makes up for all stair climbing.

Today I was given some alone time…so I drove back to the old town I used to live in which is also the place we got married.  Ocean Grove is the cutest little Victorian beach town well, in the world.  I seriously couldn’t stop staring at all the beautiful houses.  After a quick jaunt down main street I stopped in at my favorite cheese shop to pick out some fun cheeses to try and then headed to the boardwalk.  My old bench was still there, so I sat on the pier and just took it all in.  It felt so oddly familiar yet so from another era.  After awhile I started wishing Bart was with me so I had to head out…

Being here feels so right.  Not just because God said to come and prepared all the million details for us…although that definitely brings such peace… it just feels like a homecoming with a fresh start…I can’t even explain it.  It’s been great seeing family and friends already…people have brought us food…stopped in to welcome us home…family is close…Jilly spent the entire afternoon and evening here with me while Bart ran errands and then surfed…takeout is amazing and the options are endless… I fall asleep at nite to the sound of real waves and get to drink my morning coffee watching them…I feel as though I’m living in the dreamworld I thought up for myself…and the great part is that it isn’t a dream and God dreamed this up for me…for us.

I guess to sum it up…I’m sooo thankful.  I can’t even begin to put into words what I’m feeling…perhaps in the next few weeks some poetic whim will appear, but until then, I’ll just enjoy this new wild adventure.


2 responses to “rose colored glasses land

  1. Can’t wait to see you guys! Bart and Sean need to be BFF soon so Bart can take Sean winter NJ surfing and we can get coffee! IM SO EXCITED!

  2. I really enjoyed this post about your “homecoming.” Thank you for articulating your feelings so that I can rejoice with you!

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