goodbye subies

I will admit, I have already dedicated one blog post to my car.  Many of you are probably rolling your eyes already but honestly- buying my Subaru Legacy wagon was an act of believing in the bigger picture for my life…believing in what God had for me- even back in 2004.  People joked that my wagon was a family car and I agreed…just didn’t have the family yet.

But now- eight years later we’ve filled out that subaru and it’s time to say goodbye.  Not to say it isn’t the most amazing car ever still, but at this moment in time it is worth a good amount of $ for a resale- as it’s a 2004 with only 78k miles.  Plus since we are planning on diving right into adoption #3 now that we’ve moved; we needed something a little bigger- which is why we bought a swagger wagon.

I actually get tears in my eyes when I think about what this car and I have gone thru.  It has been the only constant in my life since I moved back to the States in 2004.  It was with me when I moved from Washington state to New Jersey…with me when I dated my now husband (he drove a beater so we always took my car) moved us to the midwest and drove us to Florida to pick up our first baby. I mean, I seriously still remember sitting in the office in Vancouver, Washington signing the papers to my first real car.

It’s comfort.  It’s the three stickers on the windows.  It’s the vast trunk that has always fit everything.  It’s the glitter on the steering wheel leftover from a 1st grade art project when I taught in Cali 7 years ago.  It’s the scratches on the back fender from when I ran into my boss Joe’s car, joking…and my bumper dent popped right out while his did not.  It’s the endless hours I’ve sat in that driver’s seat talking to myself.  And it’s the feeling of happiness every time I walk out of a store to my car.

I know, roll your eyes if you must.  I get it.  It’s just a car.  But I think what is most shocking about it all is that I am the type of person who will really really want something sooo badly (Bart can attest) and then after waiting and waiting and saving or whatever…I get it and then a very short while later, I’m like “eh”.  So- the fact that I’ve stayed loyal to loving this car for our entire relationship is monumental.

Last month I cleaned out the glove compartment…possibly for the first time ever and amidst every dang service receipt, I found the big sticker paper, you know the one that is adhered to every car on a dealership lot.  Besides being a great help with the Craiglist ad, it also just brought me back to my life so long ago.  And I totally remembered what sold me on that car…it was the sun roof/moon roof combo.  The dreamer in me pictured dark moonlit nights of star-gazing.  Ha!

Thankfully…even though we said goodbye to this subie; my husband was awesome enough to choose a Subaru again…soo goodbye legacy and hello tribeca!  Glad we’re still in the family.


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