It’s that time of year…

I do realize that a hurricane just came through and you might be expecting an update or two…but, while I sit in my dimly lit living room on my computer that is hooked up to a generator- I came upon an email that led me to jump into another world for a minute.  I decided to pretend all is as it should be and the normal thing for me to be internet searching for would be Christmas cards…I mean, heck, I think it’s November.

Tiny Prints is an excellent place to find the perfect holiday card- I loved ours last year.  If you want to check out their selection- here it is: Holiday Cards.*  I thought I’d post a few of my favs…you never know what I’ll end up with until it finds its way to your mailbox.

Ok…I need to go to bed…even though it feels like heaven in this living room.   It’s amazing what a little heat and generated power will do for a soul- I can live without power another week, I think I can; I think I can.

*This is a sponsored post- if you would like more information check out Tiny Prints Special Offers page.


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