stop the online shopping madness

To be totally honest, I am dying to make a trip to Nordstroms right now and join in the festivities of their Half-yearly sale.  But alas, there is a flood and high wind warning in effect and it’s snowing.  Weird.  And I need to take my mind off all the online shopping I want to do, so here I am.

Last night I woke up around 4am to feed Regan a bottle and noticed the alarm clock wasn’t shining and looked out the window to see no lights whatsoever.  I knew there was a possibility we’d lose power again (it returned Monday nite) but I was hoping that wouldn’t happen.  I tried to ignore the repercussions as I made my way downstairs in the dark for the bottle.  Then, at 7am when mister Regs was tired of his crib, I got him up and just brought him downstairs…stating to Bart that the power was off- and it kinda felt like no big deal.  I grabbed the laptop, threw in Praise Baby and plugged in the cord to the generator just in time to hear Bart say “we have power”. Ha!  I hadn’t even tried a single light or noticed that the clock was flashing…I just assumed it’d be off for days.  A couple hours later it went off again but thankfully it returned shortly.  This afternoon is supposed to be the worst of the nor’easter and then it will leave; at least that’s what I hope.

Yesterday I made the mistake of choosing a grocery store closer to me…and as I walked around I realized something was missing: dairy, freezer, meat, um… everything I needed to buy.  Alas.  BUT I shall not complain because we have power.  Hoping the rain/snow will stop before nightfall though, since our generator is what is heating our house right now and it can’t be running while it’s wet.  Oh the irony.  Okay, that’s not ironic at all, just couldn’t think of what to exclaim there.

In other news- I got the iphone 5!!!  It arrived yesterday and with it, a text message that informed me I was over my data limit…first time for everything.  So…I shall have to wait a week to discover the beauty of 4G.  But, the phone is soo pretty and two words: talk texting…cramazing!

And on that note, my dog wants to go outside in the snow so peace out.


One response to “stop the online shopping madness

  1. Cannot believe this weather… Way to take it in stride sismo 😉 love you guys!!

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