the cuteness that is josi- yes, i call him juicy sometimes now- after his bff endearingly pronounced his name like that awhile back.

he’ll hold my hand anytime…even when we’re just sitting watchin veggie tales

he looooves to color and goes thru crayons so fast…he is a tough colorer but its ok; i’m working thru it. heheh

the way he corrects regan is sooo sweet… regs always smiles

his hugs are so tight and usually come w kisses

the way he says special

he likes treats just like me

he likes yellow american cheese like his daddy

at the farm he had a carrot for the sheep and told it to sit.

he tells brinks “no bark” and then proceeds to tell any other dogs in public not to bark either.  oops.

he will dance to any beat

his belly laugh is the. best.

he blows kisses endlessly if you let him

the way he asks anyone “how doin?” even the cable guy everytime he walked back into the room…quite possibly 10 times in an hour

when asked how old he is, he’ll usually shout two while holding up his entire hand with his fingers squished together

whenever he hugs anything he usually says “awwwwwwwww” so expressively

when you walk into his bedroom to get him out of his crib he always tries to pull the covers back onto him and pretend to sleep

the way he uses the word “stuck” for everything and says “okay” so drawn out…


2 responses to “juicy

  1. Sweet, sweet boy

  2. Oh my gosh, love it. Am hearing “okaaayyyyy” and “treat? Treat? Treat?” in his little voice right now!

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