happy almost thanksgiving

I am sorry for the sponsored posts and lack of random unplanned loveliness.  Today I braved the crowds and tackled Thanksgiving grocery shopping since I figured it would only get worse from here on out.  Also finished almost all the laundry so we actually have towels for all our holiday guests…we really need new towels.

My sister just booked her flight for Christmas so it’s official…it’s a Jersey celebration coming up in ONE month- thanks to my dearest sister and parents who are graciously giving us the holiday off from traveling and heading our way.

And it’s a good thing we have some of our favorite people in the world in town this week, otherwise I’d be cracking open the Christmas decor boxes and starting early.  Last week I spent the morning downloading Christmas music from itunes- it’s been awhile since we had some fresh tunes in that department.  But it also made me want to listen…before Thanksgiving. Acgk.  (that’s a new one- acgk…not sure how I would pronounce that in real life.)

Anyway- the Christmas shopping online is in full swing.  I have now ordered a stuffed dolphin and a dr. kit for Josi…a few Schleich animals for both boys…and some weird balls for Regan.  Thanks amazon.  Even though I love giving gifts to the boys- I don’t see the point of more than a couple because there will likely be one toy that wins and the rest are thrown aside.  For Regan I have a feeling all will be thrown aside and he’ll be enthralled with the wrapping paper…he likes the crinkle sound.

Today I scheduled our first official meeting with our new adoption agency- so that means they received our application- hooray!

I got the most beautiful quilt in the mail last week.  My aunt outdid herself on this  gorgeous thing…I think she might have thought I was crazy in the beginning when I sent her a million small pieces of different fabrics and asked for 2 inch squares- but bless her heart- she created a masterpiece!! Pictures to come…

Ok..my husband is quoting movie lines in the other room because he really wants me there.  gotta go.


3 responses to “happy almost thanksgiving

  1. Yeah for random posts back! You totally got me listening to Christmas music early… Did I already tell you that? 🙂 CAN’T WAIT!!

  2. Schleich animals are the BEST!! We have a huge menagerie that we’ve been collecting for years and all of our kids still play with them. We even used the many cats we had to decorate Hallie’s birthday cake this past weekend 🙂

  3. Double hooray for Schleich animals! We collect as well and have fun for hours with them. Also hooray for the doctor kit! Pretend play is just too fun, isn’t it? I bet Regan will be a very patient patient. ha! Happy Thanksgiving! Exciting about the meeting with adoption agency!!

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