christmas tree oh christmas tree

I need to sit here in the dark right now and drink in the smell…the gloriously delicious inviting smell of a real Christmas tree.  Currently there is one standing upright in my living room and I am in heaven.  I was actually bustling around testing lights and hanging decorations when I just stopped and inhaled.

And to think, this very morning I actually let the idea of buying a fake tree enter my mind.  Ack.  I remember clearly my train of thought…it would be simpler…I wouldn’t need to wait for Bart to be free to pull it out and set it up…it would be cheaper than buying a real tree every year…but I just couldn’t give in.

I’m so glad.  Bart got home from work early enough today that we bundled up the kids, googled the closest tree farm and headed out.  Confession- I didn’t actually explain to Bart that we were going to a farm, (most years we just find a roadside lot) and after his initial shock, he got into it.  Josiah ran wildly free through the rows and rows of beautiful Christmas trees- some were teeny tiny and others were gigantic.  I took lots of pictures…it was glorious.

At first we were very picky and after about 20 minutes we realized that it was getting dark and colder each passing moment so we were ready to just choose any tree.  That is when we began to notice the tags…every single tree we liked was already spoken for.   And after a few more minutes of wandering through endless taken trees, we decided to go the usual route.

We left and drove in the dark, to a roadside tree sale…the kids and I stayed in the car while Bart jumped out to look.  Less than a minute later he knocked on my window and told me to run in and look at the second to last tree in row one.  I did.   We bought that beauty, slapped it on the van and headed home with one stop at McDonalds for some promised fries (Jos had one light meltdown and yes, I rewarded it…it’s Christmas…alas).

So now I am sitting here with the real pine smell permeating through every room of this old Victorian house and I can say- it’s worth it.  Bart and I always argue when we put the tree up…and it’s painful for so many moments in the moment but oh so worth it.  And as we tried to straighten the tree this evening I realized that next year Josi will probably be old enough to stay awake for the festivities…it will be a super fun tradition where I let him put ornaments on and then rearrange them after he goes to sleep.  hehe…  Can’t wait.

*how’s that aaron? two in one day…


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