So- my bro informed me yesterday that I haven’t blogged in awhile.  alas.  And since I have no creatively amazing juices flowing, I think I’ll make this another randomania…starting with my new favorite Christmas music.  A few weeks ago I bought a lot of new songs and was mostly leaning towards the folky, artsy music but Pentatonix snuck into my list and I love them.

Thanksgiving was wonderful.  We had a full house for a week and seriously it was magical.  Having a lot of our close friends together at the same time for a holiday is super special…it does help that they are all in the same family.  We just named our son “Regan” so we could belong to the Regan family :). hehe  So, now I am recovering…by laying on the couch a lot and wiping a baby’s nose a million times. I’m so tired we haven’t even gotten our tree yet- it’s rather appalling to me that we will just barely make the December 1st deadline for Christmas decorating.

I would like to publicly announce that I might be almost finished with Christmas shopping.  Yet, it’s soooo hard to stop myself…Josiah is so easy to buy for and perhaps because Regan is so young, I don’t feel like I need to make their gifts “even”.  Last night I showed Bart an electronic fish in a bowl and lamented that I couldn’t get it because we’d already gotten Jos a guitar, stuffed animal and a doctor kit…his response- “just get it- it’s $15…that’s like two lattes” HA.  I have already decided that Josiah will get his swishy when it arrives- don’t want to overwhelm the kid on the 25th.

Yesterday I was lamenting that there are no drive-thru Starbucks around me and it’s my one complaint of New Jersey.  But today my husband has a breakfast meeting near one and is bringing me home a mocha in between clients.  I’m so lucky…delivery starbucks is one step up.

I promise Christmas and house pics sometime in December.  I still haven’t taken a good Christmas card picture of the boys…so that should tell you how behind I am.

Can’t wait to see my parents and sister in less than a month!!!

8 days until my birthday. YESSSSSSSSS!


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