eat the banana

I am a little down at the moment…been sick for several days…and it’s not the “i feel slightly bad so I’m just gonna milk it” sick…it’s the “ohhhh it hurts to breathe” kind right now.  Actually at the moment, I can breathe- but then I cough and that feels like knifes jabbing at my throat and chestal regions.  (I know, not a word)


The big drama of the morning…the big parental dilemna…at what point do I start forcing Josi to eat what he asked for…before eating other stuff?  This stems from my annoyance in wasting food- specifically bananas in this case.  He asks for one…gets excited to unwrap it, takes one bite and then- no more.  He doesn’t do this every single time which is why I’ve continued to give him bananas.  Am I to assume he’s a picky banana eater- I mean, I will say some taste better than others.  And there are times when he says no to my suggestion of a banana…but still…  Anyway, I’m standing my ground this morning- he’s asked repeatedly for a snack and I keep offering him the same gross browning more by the second banana.  He’s sad, but then just walks off.  I’m proud of this achievement…me- standing my ground… him, not falling into a puddle of tears…this is good.

And now I’m back to report…after several attempts to get a snack….I kept saying no, eat the banana first. (confession- it’s like not even half a banana).  I decided to get creative and make some cinnamon rolls- he can’t resist and never ever gets them…so, after a few big alligator tears and sadness he ate the banana.  And now is enjoying the delicious frosting er…cinnamon roll.  I am more proud of my patience than of him at the moment, is that bad?  He did good.  I did good.

Now I need a nap.


2 responses to “eat the banana

  1. Umm… That’s awesome. For both you guys 😉 more stories!!

  2. Yes, great consistency, Krista!. Eat the banana, little dude. Two boys in Lake Stevens are having to do the same thing every day too 😉

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