18-24 months

I kinda freaked out last nite…in a good way I think.  It usually happens when one of my babies officially changes clothing size- sort of like a rite of passage in a way.  It was so exciting with Josiah because it was new clothing, new things but I realized yesterday that I hadn’t really been noticing with Regan because it was easy and normal…until last night.  He moved up to the 18-24 month bin…right behind his big bro now…and it was startling.  Perhaps it’s because that’s where Josiah just left- and still wears a bit of that size.

I made the call to change Regan’s size in the Gap over Christmas when my mom insisted he needed some long sleeve shirts and I happily obliged.  We held up the two sizes and I conceded…it’s time.  When we got home I tried a shirt on Regan and then threw it on Josiah just for fun…totally fit them both.  Weird.

But last night, when I brought down my favorite pants in Regan’s new size and put them on him, I couldn’t believe it.  They fit.  It’s as if I don’t have a baby anymore.  I know that’s silly…and I always say he’ll be my baby until the next one comes along but it is just crazy to me that he is already in that size.

I think what’s monumental to me is that the 18-24 month size is where Josiah stayed for over a year.  Before that he was cruising through sizes like a champ and I could hardly keep up.  But I remember 18-24 mo being the one size that I actually got tired of his clothing before he grew out of it…which had never happened before.  So I keep looking at Regan thinking- he’s arrived…his growth is slowing.  Of course I know that it’s not a universal thing- this whole growing deal…but I just can’t believe my little baby is here.

The other weird thing is that Regan, at 16 months, is now older than Josiah was when Regs was born.  Many days I long for another baby and other days I just smile and breath a sigh of relief as I read through the morning facebook statuses…a 4 hour stretch, hallelujah…up 3 times last nite and ready for bed…will my baby ever sleep thru the nite… it’s good for me to relish these months I’ve had of sleeping through the night.  Ohhhh but I cannot wait to give them another baby brother or a sister.

It’s fun though- seeing the boys in similar sized clothing.  It makes me realize what close friends they will be.  It doesn’t have anything to do with size but I’m seeing Regan in a different light which makes me excited for him to grow up a little more.  It’ll be never ending play dates.  We’re close to the part where people say “it’s easier when they are close together in age”.  Yesssss.

Really, to be honest, it wasn’t as hard going from 1 to 2 kiddos as it was to go from 0 to 1 for me anyway.  I had no idea what motherhood meant…and had some pretty wacked out ideas including the one where I wasn’t selfish and would easily fall into such a huge role seamlessly.  Hehe.  And perhaps it’s because we only had a year of solo time with Josiah…not enough time for me to get used to the one kid thing.  Who knows.

I am sooo rambly this morning.  It’s the first day back to work for Bart, so therefore, it’s my first day back to full time mothering.  It’s not like it ever ends, but its definitely less demanding when there’s a dad around to help all day.  I really should get a cup of coffee…this post probably makes no sense.  If I made New Years resolutions- a good one would be to be more intentional with this space.

Hmmm  I shall leave you with the “christmas card photo shoot” attempt of last month…it was a tragic disaster that ended in tears all the way around- sadly those pictures were too blurry to even keep.  But I did end up using the 2nd one for the card- I figure each year one kid will be the star until I can capture simultaneous smiling. hehe

DSC_0003 DSC_0002 DSC_0001 DSC_0005


2 responses to “18-24 months

  1. deedee beckstrom

    they are too cute!

  2. Yes, I love the reality of this post. Boys close together is super fun! They are friends, and love to be together. Levi and Uriah are in the same top size. I love the reality of the photo shoot….I seem to have tons of photos of the boys during planned pics and they seem to always end up fussy. I really liked your Christmas card 🙂 Praying you feel better Krista!!! God, thank You for Bart and Krista’s bravery to parent two boys close in age. Thank You for all the amazng things you are doing in our lives. Please heal Krista and give her body comfort. In Jesus name, Amen.

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