i shall call him nemo

nemoHe named one of his french toast pieces Nemo this morning…and soon found friends for “Nemo” who were all swimming around in the air.  Swimming, swimming, swimming…Don’t stop swimming.

I just printed off 5 new coloring pages free from the internet…all of Nemo.  After Josiah’s breakfast swim session aka: breakfast, we’ll color swfishes…followed by some more fish-related play I am sure.  He is obsessed with dolphins and whales and of course, the Disney classic.

And yes, I am a little protective and totally fast forward through the shark parts and a few other scenes…even though Josiah backs away from the tv at any given moment- no matter what is happening.

Of course, he hasn’t completely abandoned his first love- Clifford.  Although, he is now partial to Clifford’s younger years… “puppies, puppies” is what my little 2 1/2 year old chants when he wants to watch the puppy years dvds.  And we have introduced puppy baths…so Josiah loves to get a bowl filled with a miniscule amount of water and bathe his toy puppy, or duck, or donkey (he even tried his stuffed dolphin alas..).

In other news- I am staring at my daily planner which has BIG BOLD and brightly colored words covering Friday/Saturday/Sunday…Potty Training!  Ack.  I’m gonna try the naked route for a few days full force and see what happens.  Yes, I’m nervous.  Yes, I’ve prayed a lot.

Coloring time…


2 responses to “i shall call him nemo

  1. Yeah josi!!! Wish I was coloring with you guys this morning!

  2. I am sssoooooo glad that I’m not the ONLY one who fast forwards through the shark scenes!! Big sigh. Thank you for sharing. 🙂 Also, will be praying for you too about the naked potty training. Just keep swimming….

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