Lipstick tastes gross

Something weird about me: I catch onto obsession’s quickly.  And I lose them just as quickly sometimes.  Most recently it’s been lipstick.  I’ve never been a lipstick wearer, perhaps in college I think I jumped on the lip pencil/lip gloss bandwagon for a hot second.  I am a Burt’s bees plain ol’ chapstick kinda girl.

But for some reason this year, I deemed the year of the lipstick.  I have spent countless hours now, researching on the best lipstick for “non lipstick wearers”.  All advice not to go crazy in the beginning…don’t want to scare yourself off.  Ha!  I also found youtube makeup pros…so entertaining.  There’s this one girl, who’s australian that I’ve watched numerous times, mostly bc of her accent.

So anyway, I’m also cheap.  Well, I’m not actually very cheap- in reality I spend good money on things I know I’ll like.  But $20 on lipstick that I’m not even sure I’ll ever wear- pshaw!  No thanks.  Which leads me to drugstore lipsticks…which come with varied opinions of course…so alas.  I have a huge list on my phone but have yet to go to a drugstore.  I tried Target, but they didn’t have a single brand on my list- so I bought a random $3 one- um, GROSS tasting.  Yesterday I ordered a NYX one off amazon since it was an add-on item and only $5.  We’ll see what happens.

Don’t worry, I’ll keep you guys posted, as I’m sure you’re on the edge of your seat.    In the meantime, I’m totally open for suggestions.  My only requirements: good tasting, lighter color, stays on, doesn’t dry out.  Go.


One response to “Lipstick tastes gross

  1. I have several I want from NYX as well but they weren’t free shipping on Amazon. I stumbled across NyX at Nordstrim rack today though. Who knew? Don’t know if you have one close by but check it out if you do! I’m on a lipstick hunt as well but hate spending money on them not knowing if they will even work….,, keep us all updated!!

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