gotta get back on the smoothie train

I am constantly shaking my head at him in amazement.  While the kid won’t go near a banana or most fruit for that matter; he’ll chow down a cheeseburger like it’s his job.

Here’s a confession:  I still feed my 17 month old baby food!!  Yes. It’s true.  Regan totally eats baby food from a baby food jar.  Ridiculous right?  Well, okay, I’m only assuming it’s crazy because we definitely did not do that with Josiah.  But Regs is so picky, that if I didn’t feed him at least one meal out of a jar, he wouldn’t eat most fruits or veggies.  I know I need to just quit cold turkey and then force him to eat new stuff…but I am so impatient.  Ack.

I know I should start smoothies.  I had it all planned out with Josiah- researched all sorts of good recipes with lots of fruits and veggies, then researched the best blender but didn’t buy it because gosh, a Vitamix is not cheap.  I did get a much less expensive blender and I did make a few smoothies.  And then, I stopped.  So, I could start that up again and then just feed him cheeseburgers and crackers the rest of the day. HA. just kidding.

Anyway, I really like watching Regan eat.  He does this cute thing with his lips and moves his mouth all different ways- so adorable.   And when he doesn’t want something he turns his head as far as possible into his highchair back.  Hilarious.  Or, he is really good at flicking.  He flicks food to the edge of the tray…not off very often since he gets in trouble for that, but as far as possible.

So, this has got to be the most boring post after yesterday’s reveal.  Shoot.  I think I’ll just go have another cup of coffee.


One response to “gotta get back on the smoothie train

  1. HAHA! That is really funny!

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