spray paint is my friend

Last night I totally spray painted in the guest bedroom…the window was open and I put down a paint sheet.  Shh I didn’t tell Bart.  It’s been too cold to paint outside and I’ve been dying to spray this old “breakfast in bed tray” I found that I am repurposing as a mini art center for Jos.  And I totally copied my sister and bought the wire bins at the Target $1 section and spray painted them espresso brown.

Last week I painted Regan’s name on a piece of wood I found at the beach and this week I am doing Josiah’s initials on another piece of drift wood.  I have plans to make a drift wood fish…but I gotta get down to the shore line where the good wood scraps are.  The whole “rebuild the boardwalk” thing is putting a cramp in my beach combing style.

I am really in the painting mood.  I can tell because I walk around the house eyeing things up…thinking if they might look good in another color.  Danger.  I think my knife block should be a different color but I just can’t decide what’s a nice enough neutral- or perhaps I should throw caution to the wind and do it up in a bright yellow or flashy red…and hope that it’ll go with our next kitchen.

I would love an old ladder to paint…or a kid’s table…or maybe a bulletin board.  I totally have a bulletin board somewhere- in a box…oh the boxes.  I can’t wait to unpack.  I am praying for a two year rental, at least.

It’s time.  A second coat can be applied.  Later.


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