Casi Cielo

I am sitting here, drinking my last cup of Starbucks limited edition “Casi Cielo” coffee…it’s delicious and in stores now- in kcup form which makes me uber happy.  It’s described as having tones of dark chocolate and hints of citrus.  I just know it tastes delicious.  Best. ever.

Anyway, I keep chuckling because Regan will randomly walk into the kitchen, very proud of himself because he’s actually walking…and then turn around and go right back out.  Every time he comes in, he has a gigantic smile on his face- this walking thing is a huge deal for him.  Granted, he is 17 months old…so I was getting a little anxious for him to really grab hold of this walking skill but in the back of my mind I kept remembering to let him take his time.  Kids move at different paces.  And I like that.

Last night was my first book club meeting.  I felt like a grown-up.  We discussed the book What Alice Forgot, a light read…and then ended up talking about life, adoption, kids and everything in between.  Yesterday morning I went to a play group at our church that just started- and it was awesome too.  And this morning, I have no plans which I love as well.

As I type I am hearing my boys giggle hysterically at one another.  It never fails to put a smile on my face.  Most of the time, they are laughing at nothing but each other and that’s my favorite.

I feel good today.  Excited about what lies ahead.  I even made a list of what needs to be purchased before baby girl arrives.  It’s very small…clothing is not on that list though- ha!  So thankful we can drive this time though- can’t imagine flying with a toddler, a lap toddler, and a newborn the week after she’s born.  Although, flying with newborns is the easiest thing in the world.  I remember flying home with Regan and he was so tiny I didn’t even bump into my seat neighbor once.

Ok, welcome to randomness by Krista.  I think that’s all for today.  Oh, except my dear friend Meghan is starting a blog soon…and I am REALLY REALLY excited about it!



3 responses to “Casi Cielo

  1. You had to say I was starting a blog? Now Im feeling the pressure!! 🙂

  2. Bought 2 things of this casi Cielo, must have gold slivers in it 😉

  3. Sorry I haven’t commented in so long! But I LOVE me random krista posts!! 🙂 need more pictures

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