neon magnets

Lest you think living in a mansion near the beach is all peaches and cream…let me say what I thought I’d never say.  I’m ready to move.

This is a furnished rental, if you have forgotten- which means we are using some of our own stuff and much of theirs.  And yesterday when I brought home ugly neon $1 magnetic numbers from kmart and stuck them on the fridge- I realized how far I’ve fallen.  Their “white” fridge is stained a lot so for me to add tacky magnets and be okay with it…well, it’s a far cry from the old krista.  What’s funny is I told Bart I was gonna spray paint them when we moved.  He, of course, looked at me like I had two heads and then went into the safety hazards of spray paint and kids putting things in their mouths and by that point I realized- these little toys were a dollar and will probably not even last through the next few months before we move.

And the ants.  Omygosh the ants.  Where in the world do people have to endure ants through the WINTER??  At first I remember we were so annoyed…then apathy…and now anger.  I have regular killing parties with Raid on the counters- very good for the children I know…but I want these ants gone.  I won’t miss them.

And the creaking.  I love old houses, don’t get me wrong.  I really actually do want to own one someday- one with lots of character and cool unique features…but the creaking of the floorboards- combined with a small son who wakes up at the slightest of sounds…not a good combination.  I need heavily insulated walls for this precious son of mine and carpet I think…that’s what I’m praying for in the next house when baby sister arrives.

I know at the moment I’m frustrated because it’s been so cold the past few months that I can’t even sit outside on the porch and stare at the ocean.  I know that perhaps even in just a few weeks, I’ll be crying when I think about leaving…as I spend my mornings on the gated porch with the kiddos and dog- face turned towards the sun- coffee in hand- ocean in front of me.  Yes, it’s good for me to think of those days so I don’t go crazy on the inside right now.

There are other things I will miss about this house too…the pans are amazing…the amount of bathrooms rocks…the space is incredible…the couches are great…the kitchen is massive…the character is fabulous…the views are to die for…

Spring will be glorious.  This was good for me to write.


One response to “neon magnets

  1. I called this one when we visited in December…just ask your dad!

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