to ponder

Things I am pondering this morning…

…might be a 3 cup of coffee morning since the morning play date canceled due to the plethora of rain/slush/snow-in-some-parts grossness that is covering the earth right now.  How can this happen again?  Where’s my sun and warm weather?

…how did Jos learn Twinkle Twinkle– I listened in amazement when he started singing it as I drew stars all over his coloring page today.  It reminded me of the times we’re all driving in the car and he starts singing along with the worship song that is playing- Bart and I both smile at each other and keep singing in the hopes that he’ll keep going.

…more runny noses?  DUDE.  I just spent over 2 weeks quarantined and am not ready to do more time here.  Runny noses go away.

…today is big.  I officially hit the 25 pounds lost mark.  I’m on my way! Only 40ish to go.  AND baby girl is arriving in 4 weeks or less.

…Regan is continually testing out his peripheral vision these days…it might be one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen.  He puts his eyeballs in the corners and moves his head as far to one side as he can…then does it opposite… hard to explain but hilarious in person.

…after not worrying about a house to live in come May 15…we’ve found several that look good online and hopefully will see them this Friday.  The miracle is that one of them is a ranch- not like, a ranch in the country…but a ranch style- meaning NO STAIRS.  I mean, I’ve prayed for one of those most mornings when I almost trip down our stairwell so gracefully pathetically, but didn’t quite believe it was possible to find in these parts.  It also has a fenced in backyard, which I pray for every time I have to take Brinks out…to wrap it up: prayer works.

…yessss Bart is turning around and coming home- too much snow!  The one benefit of this gross junk…and it’s funny that he is returning on this day because both boys had a cry fest when he left this morning…uh, an hour ago.  Half the time they don’t notice but today the flood gates opened.  I suppose I’d call it the Monday morning blues.  And they love their daddy.

…and I will leave you with a random assortment of pics…if you follow me on instagram, I’m afraid they are all repeats.


my easter shoes

my easter shoes

he really does make a cute girl

he really does make a cute girl

ocean ave opened! a walk in snowsuits was required

ocean ave opened! a walk in snowsuits was required



2 responses to “to ponder

  1. Wooohoooooooo!!!! 25 lbs– that’s HUGE!! Way to keep to it sister! Love you– and totally feelin the Monday blues. You can have the sun from over here.

  2. That’s what I was thinking! 25 pounds!! Wow, that’s a lot of work! I really like your Easter shoes. XO. Perfect to welcome a new little girl into your world. So excited for this next, one-story adventure.

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