neon pink

neonTo follow up on the last post…I did get away today for a manicure- that only cost $12!!  Rock on.  And I picked neon pink for my nails…thought it was a tad bold for me but then realized- who cares!  I did chuckle when a teenage girl asked for the same color as mine were drying.  I’m 33.  I keep telling myself that, but I don’t feel 33.  Side note: those aren’t actually my nails in the pic in case you’re wondering.  But that is the exact color they are right now.

Anyway, in other news…oh wait there isn’t any.  I packed two boxes of stuff today.  I thought when we moved in last October that I did a pretty good job of only unpacking things we’d definitely use over the following 7 months.  I think I kinda had high expectations in the kitchen area…all my baking supplies are now boxed up because of the sad reality- I haven’t baked in many months and let’s face it- not gonna happen anytime soon.

il_570xN.410031702_barbTo celebrate the fact that in less than 3 1/2 weeks I will, Lord willing, be holding a baby girl in my arms I wandered through a really nice baby boutique today and found my sister a new hobby.  Well, she already likes making stuff with felt- but little baby hair clips?! How adorable.  Then I ordered some plain clips on amazon and had them shipped to her- how’s that for a suggestion?  I’m thankful she loves me and loves crafting…and is excited about finally getting a niece.

I would love to write more, but my mind just kinda froze.


2 responses to “neon pink

  1. I can’t wait to see Erica’s creations!!! Every time I see the new craft ideas she makes come alive, I always want to see more! Go Erica! I hope little baby Farrell has lots of beautiful hair. 🙂

  2. deedee beckstrom

    Those little felt ones were my FAVE when E was a little nugget.

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