Today is Saturday.  It was supposed to be a crazy day filled with acrobatics…not so much actual ones, but what would include getting our family to two different Memorial Day parties plus an airport run to pick up MY FAVORITE SISTER IN THE WORLD.

But it’s rainy and dreary and I think both parties are now postponed and so Hallelujah- I’m sipping coffee and relishing a day at home with a dose of MY SISTER WHO IS COMING TODAY.

There are many reasons I love when my sister comes to visit…but this trip is extra special because when she came at Christmas we didn’t get much sister time- it was filled with lots of people, which is okay but not ideal.  I am selfish and I like her to myself.  So, this week is especially awesome because even Barty will be gone which means I really do get her all to myself (the boys don’t count hehe).

Plus she gets to experience the greatest Flea Market in New Jersey- and I cannot wait for next Saturday!!!  Plus the best of all is that it’s her birthday while she’s here!!!  Okay, I am gonna stop rambling, because the potty trainee is awake.  It’s going well, by the way and I’ll write a post about my brilliant methods (NOT!) at a later date. heheh…


2 responses to “erica

  1. YESssSSSSssss!!!!!

  2. Oh, I can’t wait to read the potty training blog! I’ve been wondering how it’s going!

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