the haps

It’s my life in bullet points- or rather, little astricks.

*This week we drove down the street to the local reservoir for a walk…it was beautiful- not as good as the boardwalk- but it will do for quickies.  And thus, we were enthralled with the Bob stroller once again and 5 days later- we ordered one.  Eek!!  It’s kinda what I’ve wanted all along…but never wanted to spend that kind of $$…but as with many things in life- sometimes, it’s just worth it.

*I am addicted to going to the beach.  I love it.  And I LOVE my beach bag- it’s Vera Bradley (something I never thought I’d own…something about all that floral makes me go crazy) but it’s seriously the best catch-all bag ever.  And it makes me think I can totally rock the beach alone with the boys and all our gear just fine.  Bring it on summer!!!

*Back on the wagon aka: diet. First weeks are the toughest.  The grill helped.

*Found blueberries AND peonies in our new backyard.  Not sure which one I was more stoked on.

*Much to my husband’s chagrin, I (with his help) covered our half bathroom walls (on the main floor) with brown kraft paper…and am now proceeding to live a dream I’ve had for many years.  I am painting all over it…writing quotes everywhere…washi tape…pictures, empty frames… it’s a modge podge of randomness with space for guests to write/draw whatever they want too.  It kinda reminds me of something I would have done in college… ten years ago- oops…but it’s a creative outlet and it covered up the gawd awful teal/lime green sponge-painted walls.  Plus now every time I go to the bathroom I can draw.  Win/win. Almost wrote a little LOL here but it’s more like a chuckle.

*Got a bird feeder.  Got seed.  It’s been sitting in my house for a week while I figure out where to hang it.  I am banking on the boys spending many hours staring out the window at the plethora of birds while I sip my coffee quietly in another room. Ha.  Like my dreams?

*Barty got his first barrel of the season.  Can’t wait to watch him surf one of these days.  Jos is obsessed with watching surfing videos so I think he’ll probably freak his freak when he finally sees daddy riding waves.

*Bought our first two person beach towel.  That thing is huge.  and awesome.  Now to just teach the boys not to walk all over it.  I know, wishful thinking probably.

*None of my plants have died yet.  We’ve lived here almost a month.  Really hoping for a green thumb this time around.

*I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned my favorite new photo app- it’s called A Beautiful Mess and it’s so fun and addicting.  You can add words and borders and fun doodles…sometimes I have to really stop myself from decking out every single picture I instagram.  Good times.

*I miss my sister and wish she could come back.  Then when she leaves again I would like my parents to come back.  Possibly on a rotating monthly basis.  That’d be nice.

*Need motivation to finish decorating this house.  Sometimes I get great boosts of creativeness…and then the boys wake up from their naps. Thank goodness we don’t have a dining room table yet since all our decor fills up that lovely dining room.  One of these days I’ll do it, or just move it all to the basement and give up until inspiration hits or summer ends.

*Anyone have a favorite bubble blower or contraption?  I am finding through the years that all bubble things break or are defective somewhat immediately.  Hmm.

*I think I’ll stop here.  Good nite.


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