i could celebrate this day often

I wrestle every Fathers day whether to write a post about my dad or my husband and always end up with something shared.  But this year I’ve decided to break the mold and just write about the man who fathers my children.  (Dad- I love you to pieces and I know you know that!!)

Daddy.  The word our sons use to get my husband’s attention.  Sometimes Josiah also uses “Bark” which I find extremely hilarious and perhaps is why it’s ever repeated.  I see how Josiah and Regan look at their daddy and it amazes me.  And it excites me- that these precious boys get to grow up with such an incredible God-fearing man as their father.

Daddy.  He is a joy bringer.  He is always excited to see us when he comes home.  He knows how to make each one of us laugh on a dime.  And it’s different for every one of us.  It’s precious.  It’s family.

Daddy.  He aligns his heart with his heavenly Father so often that it brings peace to our home.  He pays attention to his sons and fills needs before they are even requested.  What I know is that our boys feel so loved and affirmed and treasured by their daddy…and that makes me more thankful than anything else.  For I know that they will relate to God through a lense of who their earthly father is…and just as I have- it’s a clearer picture because of the wonderfulness of a dad who loves Jesus so well.

Thank you Bart, for being the perfect blend of weird and cool…for always listening to Holy Spirit…and loving me and your boys so amazingly.

Happy Fathers Day.

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