loving…NEON sharpies.  Yes there is such a thing.  And I love them. so much.

listening…to a very cute song- “Whole Wide World” by Mindy Gledhill plus a lot of Will Reagan- our new obsession

waiting…to see if my eyes will turn black- family cuddle time went south yesterday when Josi got thrown into my face- with a lot of force I might add.  Can’t remember the last time I actually cried bc I got hurt…anyway, my nose hurts.

eating…penne ala vodka… it’s my newest craving and its not helpful that there is a place that delivers it to me whenever I want.  Eek.

starting…to get frustrated with Candy Crush and realizing that I’ll totally spend $ when I get impatient with the game but I don’t need to waste even 99 cents on it.

hearing…the boys laugh with each other- it’s my favorite.

wishing…I could lose another 30 pounds without trying. Its. so. hard.  And of course the pasta isn’t helping.

smelling…sunscreen- my boys continually smell like it, but I love it.

buying…nail polish. I can’t stop.  Plus a Zoku mini slow popsicle maker- of course I think the instant one is awesome but the one I got is much cheaper and mini..which is perfect bc it means less messes!

writing…quotes all over my bathroom walls.  Since covering the scary paint job with brown kraft paper, anytime I feel inspiration spring I run in there and create.

hoping…for another baby.  Praying for him or her…a good sign.

looking…at beautiful freshly cut FREE hydrangeas in vases all over my house.  Okay, I want them all over my house but currently there are only two bouquets.  I found a few bugs in the ones I was cutting and didn’t want to bring more in.

trying…to unsubscribe to a lot of worthless junk emails I get.  It’s time consuming but I keep thinking of the time it will save me every day when I don’t see them all.

dreaming…of no more rainy days!!  I want to go to the beach.  I know- no complaining Krista- lots of people don’t ever get to go to the beach.

wondering…what we are doing for the fourth of July.  It kinda reminds me of new years eves- where you’re supposed to have plans but nothing usually lives up to the expectations in your head.  Perhaps fireworks on the beach would be perfect.

reading…a few new blogs, since I am switching my blog reader to feedly.  I’ll share  some new finds soon- after I’ve decided to keep them.

watching…24 again.  We started a few weeks back- it’s like an old friend that funs to catch up with.  Plus next summer another season is coming out!

feeling…excited because one of my favoritest people is coming to visit next week!! Can’t wait for you Ejer 🙂  It’s been far too long since I’ve seen you!


One response to “currently…

  1. Yeah! Love the krista life updates 🙂 Can’t wait to see what you make in your popscicles… keep me posted. Also, I think you should send me some nailpolish. over and out.

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